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That's a wrap!

Pride Downtown 2017 was an enormous success and an unforgettable weekend for all in attendance. From Brooklyn to Brownsville, from California to Calallen, from Austin to Alice . . .


To our sponsors, to our friends and families, and to the entire Corpus Christi community, 

thank you for your support. We couldn't have done it without you.

Take a look around to see photos from this year's festival, and be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for important offers and updates!

Now — on to 2018!

What's next?

What is Pride Downtown?

Two short days after the largest loss of life on American soil since 9/11, we came together as one to honor our fallen family in Orlando. That night, we all witnessed a spark within our community that eventually flickered into a flame. From those embers, Pride Downtown was born, and a movement was ignited here in South Texas that has not been and will never be stamped out. For Orlando, for our community, and for those who cannot yet or can no longer speak for themselves — we remember, and we will continue fighting the good fight.

Pride Downtown was born as one community's response to the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida. What originally began as a plea for LGBTQ+ recognition and acceptance in deep South Texas has since evolved into a living, breathing symbol of hope within our community — one that we will work to grow here in Corpus Christi, first, and then, around the world.

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Pride Downtown is an equality-driven community event focused on commemorating LGBTQIA history and honoring the leaders who came before us; promoting education about the human rights for which we fight; and celebrating our future here in Corpus Christi, and around the world.

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This year's Pride Downtown event was held on June 2-3, 2017.

From an equality-themed ArtWalk to a Pride wedding, from family activities to an historic parade, to bar specials and karaoke fundraisers, Pride Downtown was back — in a big way.

Thank you to our 2017 Pride Downtown supporters!

We appreciate the support from our local businesses!

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